SocialCee Suite

Our suite consists of four main social media tools which helps

your company maximize it social media presence by:

Connecting with your customers through our social desk

Engaging your fans through marketing campaigns

Planning your marketing activities using our publishing calendar

Integrate inbound data with your 3rd party sevices



The traditional marketing – high volume advertising and pushing products and services to people through multiple channels has reached its limits. Media noise is becoming more and more controllable by people and that has forced businesses to re-think their marketing methods.

The key to make social media marketing effective at business level is to have a strong strategy and measure key performance indicators.

By creating sharp, relevant content and publishing it the right time in the right platforms, content marketing has a way of bringing your target customers to you without being perceived as "noise". People are overwhelmed by the media noise these days, but good marketing means finding new ways of reaching the customers who still exist and buy, but are also looking for more than just pushy advertising.

Well made content marketing has the ability to go viral over night thanks to the different channels. Some people know this as Inbound marketing, but we like to use the word content marketing.

We have created a selection of products to help you with your social media marketing, including ready-to-go self-service tools and both detailed and custom made apps for social media campaigns to generate valuable leads. Our marketing solutions are built to ensure effective and simple marketing. Most importantly – to build long lasting customer relationships.





  • 100% responsive
  • participation through social media profiles
  • ready made templates
  • inbound marketing tool
  • harvest data and engage customers
  • custom campaigns on request
  • schedule campaign activities
  • campaigns for Facebook and Instagram

Media management


Whether your job is to keep track of just Facebook accounts or together with Twitter and Instagram, it’s becoming tougher and tougher to keep up efficiently.

Luckily, a good software is to help you manage a growing social sphere that are popping up just as frequently as new networks. Some work best for maintaining multiple accounts on one site while others consolidate your web presence across many networks. No matter what type of user you are, there is a tool that can make your online social life a lot easier.

Many companies struggle with adopting the new ways fast enough, but social media is here to stay and by managing social media well it gives businesses an open space to express their identity, story and communication to their customers.

While we at SocialCee offer essential tools for companies, we are in a constant search of new innovations how to provide better software, so that managing information and data efficiently becomes easier for you.

We in SocialCee recognises the importance right software for social media management plays in your companies strategy, and we offer customized packages for different needs. Customer relations play key role in business and we ensure you will not miss a single interaction or feedback from your audience and the connection works seamlessly.
SocialCee is built to cover all aspects of your social media presence and it enables you to stay always few steps ahead and move forward towards your goals.





  • Enkel publisering
  • Proff håndtering av lenker og delebilder
  • Full oversikt over planlagte innlegg i redaktørkalenderen
  • Gjør det enkelt for teamet å samarbeide


Having a smoothly running company may demand quite a lot of 3rd party services interacting. We deliver APIs to your most important business areas, making for seamless transitions in a busy workday.


API – Contact Center Solutions

Feed all interactions directly into you Multi channel Contact Center Solution.



Import social interactions and campaign data from your customers directly into your CRM.

  • CRM
  • SMS
  • Helpdesk
  • Newsletter
  • CMS

Customer service


When you understand the importance of customer service, you soon realize what a crucial role it plays in business, which can either make you or break you.  Social Media does not have office hours and customer service has to work reliably at all times. Our Social Customer Service is designed to control all interactions in various social media platforms. In the world of Internet Customer Service, it is important to have a good overview of the competition, because there is always someone who is trying to the same as you, but better.

Customer service is what makes the difference when your customers are choosing their providers. We have put our focus into creating a user friendly and effective platform for creating interactive listening culture and to monitor conversations about your brand. Never miss an important customer feedback or inquiry by replying directly from Social Desk.

Regardless of technology you use, it is important to have access to an organized monitoring dashboard. Monitoring dashboards are the most foundational requirement for brands to manage inbound interactions across various platforms. There is no better way to see what is being said in social media, because the dashboard aggregates all the communication at a macro-level.

Efficient teamwork is built here. To focus on right things and take your online customer service to the next level, you need to have a complete overview of interactions so the right people will take care of the customers at right time. Assigning inquiries to right people ensures seamless and effective teamwork and embedded customer insights give you important overview of the customers your team handles.





  • Queue based filtering
  • Full customer view
  • Set sentiment to track satisfaction and conversion rates
  • Keep track on your response time
  • Collaboration between agents
  • Editable answer templates


Choose from our 3 subscription plans: Basic, Professional and Enterprise

Demo request

Getting started and ready to interact with your customers

  • Up to 3 users
  • Up to 3 social accounts
  • Mail/chat support
  • Basic campaigns

You are getting the hang on the social media and want to expand your team

  • Up to 8 users
  • Up to 8 social accounts
  • Personal support
  • Custom campaigns

The world is your oyster! Grow your team, build your campaigns and give your customers all the support they need!

  • Up to 15 users
  • Unlimited numbers of social accounts
  • All inclusive suite
  • Personal support
  • Custom campaigns