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With our software you can communicate across social media platforms and accounts – all in one place!

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SocialCee Suite

SocialCee consists of four core solutions which help your company maximize your social media presence.




  • 100% responsive
  • participation through social media profiles
  • ready made templates
  • inbound marketing tool
  • harvest data and engage customers
  • custom campaigns on request
  • schedule campaign activities
  • campaigns for Facebook and Instagram


We have created a selection of products to help you with your social media marketing, including ready-to-go self-service tools and both detailed and custom made apps for social media campaigns to generate valuable leads. Our marketing solutions are built to ensure effective and simple marketing. Most importantly – to build long lasting customer relationships.


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Customer service

  • Queue based filtering
  • Full customer view
  • Set sentiment to track satisfaction and conversion rates
  • Keep track on your response time
  • Collaboration between agents
  • Editable answer templates

When you understand the importance of customer service, you soon realize how crucial role it plays in business, it can either make you or break you. Social Media does not have office hours and customer service has to work reliably at all times.

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  • CRM
  • SMS
  • Helpdesk
  • Newsletter
  • CMS


Having a smoothly running company may demand quite a lot of 3rd party services interacting. We deliver API's to your most important business areas, making for seamless transitions in a busy workday.


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Media management


  • Enkel publisering
  • Proff håndtering av lenker og delebilder
  • Full oversikt over planlagte innlegg i redaktørkalenderen
  • Gjør det enkelt for teamet å samarbeide


So many posts and so little time - sounds familiar? As the popularity of social media continues to grow fast, so do the number of networks and platforms to update and monitor. Whether your job is to keep track of just Facebook accounts or together with Twitter and Instagram, it’s becoming tougher and tougher to keep up efficiently.


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SocialCee is a cloud based social media management and marketing software.

The suite contains tools that lets your business integrate social media into critical business aspects, such as customer service, marketing, analytics and CRM.

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    Social Desk
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    Campaign Builder
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  • socialcee-icons-products-customerinsights-color
    Customer insight


Choose from our 3 subscription plans:
Basic, Professional and Enterprise

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Getting started and ready to interact with your customers

  • Up to 3 users
  • Up to 3 social accounts
  • Mail/chat support
  • Basic campaigns

You are getting the hang on the social media and want to expand your team

  • Up to 8 users
  • Up to 8 social accounts
  • Personal support
  • Custom campaigns

The world is your oyster! Grow your team, build your campaigns and give
your customers all the support they need!

  • Up to 15 users
  • Unlimited numbers of social accounts
  • All inclusive suite
  • Personal support
  • Custom campaigns


We all love a good success story...

Every year Specsavers is looking for people across Europe who love glasses and wear them with pride. SocialCee have delivered responsive and mobile friendly Facebook campaigns for Specsavers in Norway, Sweden and Finland, in 2014-15.

Using a Facebook tab application made people able to upload images directly into the campaign, or they could add a hashtag on Instagram. Letting the customers nominate themselves or a friend was a great way to engage the fans - and making the inbound data process easy and effective.






Just like you, we strive to give our customers the best possible support service.

For any enquiries, please contact us on:


Phone (+47) 400 21 190*

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*only available for professional and enterprise subscriptions

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