We operate in Norway and Poland

Clients in 15 different countries

Offices in Moss, Oslo and Gdansk

Number of employees: 20

Average age: 27




SocialCee was founded in 2012, but our social media network knowledge and experience of social media communities dates back to the late 90’s. The company has grown from a “kitchen desk” start-up to over 20 employees delivering solutions to customers across Europe.

At SocialCee we are passionate about world class technology combined with great customer service.





Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between companies and customers. We do this by enabling companies to engage and connect with their customers across social media platforms - in one enterprise software. SocialCee is a cloud based social media management and marketing software. The software enables businesses to integrate social media into critical business processes such as customer service, marketing, analytics and CRM.



Why do you need SocialCee?

Since Facebook went public in 2006 it has already changed the whole world of marketing. Facebook now has over 1.5 billion users and leading the way the world of social media is moving. In January out of the whole population on 7 billion, already over 2 billion are using one or more social media accounts. Customers have embraced social as a communication channel and brought it to companies along with their expectations for its use in customer service. Their first expectation is that companies should recognize their preference for engagement over social media and act accordingly. And, there is a growing force of numbers behind that expectation. Research from Forrester Consulting shows that between 2009 and 2014 the number of customers using Twitter for customer service has doubled from 11% to 22% (Forrester 2014). The impact of social media as a part of business is enormous and it can be measured in many different ways. A huge part of social media benefits for businesses are in customer service area, which we at SocialCee are paying high attention to.

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